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Thursday, July 19th 2012

9:37 PM

Jailbait nn preteens


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From: Sting Delray
Subject: Cousin in Lust II: 3 Years LaterIt was another three years before Rodney and Jack would see one another.
However, in those intervening years both boys were obsessed with the images
they had sparked with one another. The sensations they experienced together
and the orgasms were so much more powerful than they experienced with the
"palm sisters." Jack had resorted to sticking his cock in between the
mattress and box spring as if he were fucking his cousin trying to reach
the level of excitement he felt with Rodney.Growing up in a home with two brothers where seeing one another naked was a
regular occurrence, and where they weren't bashful about seeing erections
and how to deal with them, Rodney lived for the nightly shutter and shaking
of his bunk bed as his brother Wayne would wildly beat his meat. Rodney
woke pretty preteens free up on the regular basis with cum soaked sheets that his cock released
due to built up pressure in those ever expanding balls of his.In that it was the 1960's these boys had no way of staying in touch other
than through mail or phone and neither was really an option. Neither could
take the risk of exposing their secret.When they got together again their
balls were full, burning and ready for good times. Rodney now preferred to
be called Rod. He was now 16 years old and Jack was 17 years years old.Jack came into the backyard of his preteens model un uncle's house where they had a huge in
ground swimming pool. Most of the family was there but Jack only zeroed in
on Rod who was barely clothed in a speedo type swim suit that had to be a
couple of sizes too small. From behind his ass cheeks were hanging out. As
he bent over the wisps of curly brownish hair were exposed as that swim
suit failed to cover all the areas adequately between his ass and his
cock. His hairy muscular legs showed that his workouts for football were
causing him to look so hot and buff. But as he turned around he revealed
that this boy had become a man. Jack was trying not to be obvious but he
couldn't help but notice Rod's thick cock seemed plastered hard against his
body in those tight trunks and was pointed upwards to the right. It was
also clear that the speedo had the lining ripped out; the outline of Rod's
cock left nothing to the imagination; the thick rim of his cockhead showed
with vivid detail as did his shaft; the bulbous head of his cut cock looked
like a fat, juicy strawberry.How big is that monster, Jack thought to
himself. On second glance Jack noticed that on either side of the leg
openings of those trunks the pinkish colour of wrinkled skin from his balls
was noticeable. True enough Rod's balls could not adequately be encased and
so they were left to hang out ever so preteen cp child slightly.Rod and Jack said "hi" but tried to conceal their obvious excitement to see
one another. Both had already been scheming as to how they'd escape family
attention and have some fun. Both had plans on doing a lot more than they'd
been able to do. Jack had been masturbating at least ten times a day
thinking about how his cousin's cock would taste and what his ass would
feel like with his thick 7" cock up it. Luckily for him his cock provided
an over supply of ball snot to keep his cock lubed and ready for the
intense pounding he gave it.Ever since Rod walked in on his brother underaged preteen Larry and his girlfriend fucking on
the sofa he wondered what it would be like to fuck his cousin up the
ass. Rod walked in just as Larry was sticking his billy club like cock into
this girl. Though she was dripping wet with excitement she was clearly not
ready to be split in half.At first you'd have thought he was killing her. She begged him to take it
out but her own horniness and his took over them both. "I'll go slow, so
just calm down" Larry told her. The sounds of groaning, moaning and
screaming lived on in his head long after witness this thrashing. Likewise
the wet sloshing sounds like a plunger as Larry drove his cock in and out
made Rod's personal horniness worse. Larry didn't have a clue that his
brother was there. His passion had him in overdrive which gave him a single
focus and Rod was behind which provided the best view possible for the
slaughter that was taking place. This must preteen underage girlies be what it's like when a bull
mounts his female counterpart, he thought. The mixture of pain and pleasure
was obvious.Larry pounded her pussy like a jack hammer. With each of his long, fast,
pounding strides in and out it wasn't clear whether Larry was killing her
and just driving her out of her mind with pleasure. Rod could see Larry's
glistening polish sausage plunge into her stretched kinky preteen sex pussy lips. He was
breaking in new territory here because a trickle of blood was running out
of those quivering pussy lips. Larry's balls were so huge they'd make a
bull blush and the sound as they slapped her ass in rapid succession made
the image before Rod's eyes so hot.Thirty minutes later, after a relentless pounding Rod heard the back door
slam shut and so did Larry. Larry and his victim, I should nice preteen top say girlfriend,
quickly got dressed, turned on the TV and pretended they were engrossed in
a program when Larry's mother walked in and greeted them. Soon after they
got up to leave but the chick could hardly stand let, alone walk. Larry's
mother asked if she had hurt herself. Thinking quickly she said that she
had a groin pull from a recent injury. Larry's mother just smiled and said
no more because it dawned on her what had been going on. She not only
recognized the smell of sex (cum and pussy juices) but she knew exactly
what had caused the preteen arina video
girlfriend's "groin pull." After 25 years of marriage,
and having been bred by Larry's donkey dicked father, she knew both the
pain and pleasure the girl had just experienced.As the girlfriend limped out the front door Rod noticed an obvious wet
spot. Larry really did a great job cp lover preteen on this chick's pussy. He knew they'd
have to finish somewhere, if she could take it again.Could Rod talk Jack into taking his fat hog up his ass? What did Jack want
to do this time? Would Rod be willing to take Jack's cock up the ass?Eventually Rod and Jack made their way into Rod's shared bedroom. Jack
followed real illegal preteen
Rod and caught a glimpse up close and personal of what had become
the cutest bubble Jack had ever seen. He pictured in his mind what that ass
would look like naked. He further wondered if Rod's boy pussy could take
his hard dripping cock. Reality set in as they approached the bedroom. They
thought they'd at least have some show and tell time before returning to
the pool. Rod was going to loan Jack a set of trunks. As they opened the
door Larry was sitting at the desk looking for something wearing a pair of
red speedo type trunks. Their plan had been foiled but Jack hoped that
Larry would leave but not before putting on a little show of his hunky
body. It wasn't going to naughty preteens photos happen because Wayne came barging in with two of
his friends. Because by this time Jack had a painful, throbbing, purple
hardon he left the room for the bathroom, beat off and put on the swim
suit. Instantly Jack's dick started to swell again realizing that Rod's hot
cock and balls had been in these trunks. He ran out and jumped in the pool
before anyone could notice his swelling problem.Rod and Jack made good use of their time in the pool to grope one another,
swim under water and take turns pulling down trunks and tugging at each
other's cock. After a couple of hours in the pool they ate dinner and Rod
and Jack went for a ride their WW2 motorized mail carrier bike. Rod had
something he wanted to show Jack on the way to a secluded place he found
deep in the woods near his house.Richard, a friend that went to school with Rod from the time they were in
kindergarten together, lived on a small farm with his father where they
kept a few horses. Richard and his dad had a "very close"
relationship. They liked to have others watch them as they showed just how
"deeply" they loved one anotherAs they arrived Richard was grooming his fully erect horse with a brush
wearing the shortest pairing blue nylon shorts. He was a sight to behold
because this boy was the sexiest thing Jack had ever seen. He was like a
model, he was so perfect. nice preteen top He had not one ounce of fat on him. He had
obviously spent countless hours at the gym as evidenced by a perfect
v-shape, an eight pack and pecs that were as hard as a rock, and 18" biceps
that bulged and flexed with stroke of his hand. His legs were preteen pubescent stories
so packed
with muscle that they look like two tree trunks.Following introductions Jack noticed that the preteens portals head Richard's very thick cut
cock had escaped the confines of those oh so sexy shorts. Just as Jack was
about to look away he noticed a drop of clear crystal like fluid as it
dripped to the ground from Richard's cock. Rod laughed as he noticed what
Jack had seen and commented that Richard's cock leaks precum like a
tap. Richard was clearly getting aroused and enjoyed the fact that other's
noticed his body and especially his cock.Robert, Richard's dad was already in the ensuite bath shower just off the
master bedroom. Richard opened the patio type door which lead to the master
suite and invited us to have sit on the love seat as he dropped his shorts
and stroked his meat.At first preteens non nud we saw his glutes which were huge mounds of muscle. Jack couldn't
wait for Richard to turn around so he could see the master piece. Based on
Jack's best guess from seeing Richard's cock in those tight blue shorts his
cock had to be 7" soft.What on earth is in the water around here that makes these boys have preteen cp child such
huge cocks in Stoney Creek, Jack wondered.As Richard swung around quickly his thick, lumbering cock went thwack
against the side of his leg. It was so heavy and thick that it stuck
straight out. It had to be 9" and it wasn't even fully hard. What on earth
was this thing going to grow to when it was fully erect? Richard came
right over to where we were sitting slut preteen girls waving his meat in our faces and asked
us to kiss his cock. Jack not only kissed it he licked the tip and grabbed
Richard by his big but not huge sized balls. Rod reached up with both hands
and teens preteenporn pinched hard Richard's huge nips which were sticking straight out and
begging for attention. Within 60 seconds Richard's cock was fully engorged,
rock hard and was about 13". It was so heavy it never did stand up against
his abs like Rod and Jack's were doing and it did flow precum like a
tap. Before he turned around Jack closed his lips around the tip of
Richard's horn of plenty and sucked the sweet juices away. Richard
shuttered and his cock throbbed and expanded to new dimensions.The show was about to begin as Robert entered the room towelling his
hair. It was soon clear where Richard got not only his preteen boy nake looks but the
fantastic genes that gave him gigantic male organs. This man had obviously
taken good care of himself. Though not as buff as Richard, he was a cross
between a swimmers build and preteens jpg a body builder; he had graying hair at the
temples and looks that even exceeded Richard's, if that we were
possible. His blue eyes were huge and oh so seductive. Robert's manhood
exceeded Richard's in that he had big huge bull sized balls that were
simply enormous; the nuts themselves were the size of two small lemons
covered in a sack of skin that stretched halfway down to his knee cap. Like
Richard his cut cock was heavy thick and long. His pointed to the ground.
The effects of age were showing but no wonder. With the length and
thickness of his manhood it had to take a while 3d preteen breast to fill those monsters with
blood. He had just used a suction device to inflate his cock while in the
shower.After chucking his towel in the corner both Robert and Richard laid on the
California king bed. Laying in a 69 position both sucked in at least 4" of
their enormous cocks into their mouths. These men were masters at consuming
massive cocks. Like a snake that unhinges his jaw before consuming it prey,
these men had trained their mouths to expand well beyond the norm in order
to engage in the wonders of man lust. The sucking and slurping that filled
the room prompted Rod and Jack to shed their shorts and begin stroking one
another.The show was on......more to come.*******************************************************************************This is the end for now. Let me know your thoughts on my stories so far.
I'd like to hear from men who have had sex with relativesFeedback: stingdelraytahoo.com
Chat: stingdelray on Yahoo IM

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